Friday, December 28, 2007

Begin the begin.

How is it that the opening post of any blog, forum, or diary becomes such a big deal? I mean its not like I don't have other blogs and forums that I actively post on. Probably too much for some folks taste.

It isn't that I fear running out of things to say, that is rarely an issue once you get to know, once I get know you rather. Ahem.

Maybe its because you are actually forced to take a direction.

I'm going with that one so lets start off with my stating what this blog is all about.

I am creating this blog to have space to talk about my adventures gaming in the World of Warcraft. I have another blog that I have been using that I am just not happy with; the format just doesn't give enough control over the set up. I have a myspace blog, but those guys just complain that all they get are WoW character updates. My forum posting is fun, but tends to get bulky and the stuff people ask me about falls to the bottom of the list.

My posts are typically rough drafts written for the Forums found on my primary character's guild: The City Watch. Some of them have proved useful and I'd like to get them out where others can benefit. Other posts will come from my Horde Guild firefly; she is small and beat up a bit, but still flying.

I would also like to have a space for other young Hunters in WoW to come and get friendly advice, or if I am stumped directions to where they can get the answer. There are some really good writings on playing a Hunter in World of Warcraft and the more ways people can get to them the better.

I find that even many of my fellow WoW players zone out when hunter stories start, so this is where I'll tell about the happenings and accomplishments of my characters. You will just have to deal with it dog, my blogspot and all. ;-)

I have a small portion me that enjoys light roll playing so that does tend to come out now and again.
Theorycrafting is not likely to happen here. If I try a major change in play style I'll post about it and whether or not I like it. If there is a theory I find interesting I'll blog about it, but in general I play the game for fun and as a chance to get away from the normal grind of things.

Trolls will not be tolerated.

Encouraging comments are desired.
Questions are highly encouraged.
Disagreements, sure I will listen to them.
Other theories, I would like to see posted.
Ways you think I can do better in game, I'd love to hear it!

Flaming and being mean to others.... /boot.

Of course that is assuming there is a reader base...ack!

Anyhoo, to make a short first blog long, I am here to write about playing WoW with Viktel, my main, and all my myriad of alts.



krigsmager said...

Vik, its krigs, as an update. We killed the first boss. Did a double banish and were able to drop her once rahkim stopped standing in the raincloud. Just kidding around there, it took a little bit more planning to overcome, ended up having silver send in void first to take a beating then rahkim was in behind so when void died switched to him.

We then cleared all the way to the second boss no problem but second boss we just didn't have enough tank/healing power to hold while we dropped the adds and boss. On top of that was late for silver and lyth with some red gear going on so called it.

Seargent Viktel said...

Rock on!! I'm glad you got Thespia down. I know Silver appreciated the hand.

I love those odd groups. They make you get creative.