Friday, December 12, 2008

iMac: WoW Cinematics have no Sound

Did you lose sound to your cinematics when Burning Crusade released?

Did you rediscover that problem when Wrath released, only to hit the escape key in your eagerness to get to Northrend.

Were you totally disappointed when the Wrathgate cinematic played and you heard nothing?

Well, me too!

Fortunately there is an easy fix. It turns out some sound drivers need to be updated.
Follow this link to DivX 6.7 for the Mac and get your free download.

Once you run the updater restart your iMac and check to see if it worked by watching one of the cinematic on your log in screen.

Just click on the "Cinematics" button and choose the Wrath of the Lich King trailer.

If all is well you will be able to return to Angrathar where you can ask Alextrasza (the dragon) to play it again for you.


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