Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Status Update:

Today is Tuesday and Blizz. has an extended maintenance run scheduled for us.

I thought it might be time to chime in with how my levelling is going.

As it turns out, I am in no major hurry to reach 80.

In BC I hacked my way to 70 and then really felt like I had missed out on a lot of good content.

I also missed out on the opportunity to do lower level instances with other people who were also experiencing these dungeons for the first time.

I lost some of the wonder that way, and I think set me back socially as well.

Then, after I spent mass amounts of time learning how to adequately play my class, I was totally behind the curve on reputation grinds, and heroic dungeon runs.

I also fell prey to the Gear Greed bug....

So for this expansion I am taking my time, learning the new skillz as I go, and am taking time to really enjoy the story, and learn about the factions I am encountering as I go. I am also concentrating more on being less of a solo player.

Rotating my characters is also helping to prevent my getting too far ahead of my guildies, I would like to experience some of the new content with them.

My Method
I have gone back to my old "Alt-aholic" methods and am switching between characters based on rest level.

I like to play Vik while the other two are building rested points, because leveling as a Hunter is so quick that I really don't need to watch his rested points. For him I like to get about 75% through a level and then spend the rest of the level grinding out the leather he will need for Leatherworking.

I keep an eye on Bert's points, and when he has a full tank I pick up his grind through the Outlands. Once Bert is sitting in an inn and kicking back over a brew I pick back up on Finegas.

For leveling my gang in the most efficient manor I have been following Jame's Leveling guides as listed on WoW-Pro, and he has recently published guides up to level 75.

Why do I like these guides?
  • They are free! Don't bother spending good money on crappy guides.
  • They are written by a guy that enjoys leveling characters as a competition. His goal is to get to the level cap in the most efficient manner possible. He keeps you on the best quests, and groups them up so you don't spend too much time running back and forth across zones (gadz Duskwood was a pain without a mount, and STV as Alliance, forgetahboutit!).
  • They don't spoil the storyline. He does things as a progression, so if you like the lore of the game all you need to do is take the time to read the quests. He is also gives spoiler warnings, which is nice.
  • You can do these solo, or even in a group if you wish.
Profession Guides
I currently have two resources that I use as a reference to increase my profession skills:
Both of these sites have easy to follow guides to get you through those profession grinds and I like them because they include a shopping list. That makes it easy to keep what you need, and sell what you won't be using.

The Gang
Viktel: Beastmaster Hunter
Vik is currently level 73 and getting there was fun. Levelling with him is very quick, this is helped by the fact that this time around I know how the play the class better, and am stacking +agi and not wearing shammy gear for the pet healing bonus....

Finnegas: Feral Tank
Also 73, Fin has finished Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra and is ready to begin the Dragonblight quests. Fin has had the opportunity to tank Utgarde Keep, and The Nexxus. Both were fast and very fun dungeons, and I am looking forward to taking him into Azjol-Nerub next.

The money I am earning from questing is currently going to fund Berthold's profession grinds, so Fin is a bit broke at the moment.

Fin is also on herbing duty to help Bert out as well.

Berthold: Undecided Death Knight
Bert has hit level 63 and is resting at Falcon Watch in Hellfire Penninsula.

I have to say that I have really enjoyed playing the Death Knight class. So far I have used the Unholy Talent tree to level through the Plaguelands and currently I am using the Blood spec for Hellfire Penn. My plan is to use the Frost tree to make my way through Zangarmarsh and then make a decision on which I want to play in the endgame.

Unholy does have a lot going for it when it comes to my play style. Can you say, "all my Melee Hunter dreams realized ?"

Hehe. A ghoul as a full fledged pet. /woot!

For professions I am giving Bert Inscription and Enchanting. Largely because my guild needs both. The great thing about leveling these together is being able to use Armor and Weapon Vellum to cast enhancements on.

In the long run this should help take the expensive bite out of the Enchanting grind.
So at this point Bert has an enchanting skill of 301, and his Inscription stands at 125.

And that is how things are as of today.

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