Friday, December 28, 2007

I freakin' got him!

Rak'Shiri has been the cat I have wanted for I don't know how long! His skin is a wonderful light teal-ish green and I fell in love with this guy the first time I saw him on Petopia. There are only two cats in the game that look like this, Rak'Shiri himself, and another cat that spawns for a Horde only quest named Shy-Rotam.

Rak'Shiri patrols Frostsaber Rock in the North of Winterspring, reportedly has a 35-40 hour spawn, and has been eluding my efforts to so much as find him for several months now.

I had actually given up on being able to find and tame the
actual Rak'Shiri NPC, and had heard that as of the 2.3 patch the Shy-Rotam quest was now available to Alliance players now too.

Disappointed at the idea of "cheating" to get this great looking cat I headed to Everlook to see if the rumor was true. I say cheating because I am enough of a purist to want to tame the actual NPC and not just another cat with his same graphic.

Its a hunter thing, weird I know.

Orc hunter Lassiter sat in a tree for a week for the opportunity to have Humar the Pridelord running by his side, but man is he beautiful. I can't wait to see Humar (now named Shepard) all big and red tearing the face off of some Burning Legions boss in Outlands.

Anyhow, I found Storm Shadowhoof in
Everlook, and yes indeedy, the questline for Shy-Rotam was now available to me. I first had to find and take out Ursius of the Shardtooth, and then Brumeran of the Chillwind, before receiving the quest to summon and kill Shy-Rotam herself.

This took about an hour of hunting the animals down,
Ursius was fairly easy being just north of Everlook. Brumeran was another story though, he has a large patrol area in Southern Winterspring and took a while to find. Back I went to Everlook to get the final step of the quest, then another 20 min. of grinding out the Sacred Frostsaber Meat needed to summon Shy.

I proceeded back up to
Frostsaber Rock, took a look around for any Mobs that might cause me a problem while casting my tame spell and dropped my freeze trap. My count down timers on traps had just about expired when who should saunter past me? Why non other than Rak'Shiri himself.


I immediately pulled him into the trap for fear of another hunter snagging him. I had to temporarily let River go (she understood), and then let the taming love fly.

Now I have the coolest cat in the game, re-named Malcolm, running next to me. He is level 57 so we have some work to do getting him ready for raiding but I can
just tell Mal will be my favorite. He already dinged 58 while grinding out some dps snacks to help him along with those higher level Mobs. Next we'll go get us some Warp Burgers! Yum, Yum!

River, by the way, is back in the stable. I stopped by the
Blackwind Saber cave in Skettis, and she was walking her old beat. And Kaylee is getting a re-spec tonight, she'll be off tanking a lot in the near future so we will be getting her set for that.


Chef K said...

He is gorgeous! Grats!

I'm jealous.... maybe I should start a hunter.

Pike said...

He's my kitty's twin!

I, too, camped out for Rak'Shiri. He's a very popular model ever since the quest was made available for Alliance I think. But I still love him. He is my favorite color, after all.

Sarai said...

I also love this skin, but for my troll I just had to go for Shy-Rotam. Why? Because she was elite!! Major challenge!! Boo yah baby! :)

And I got her, but she killed me twice in the attempt. I love telling people that.

Viktel said...

Nice work Sarai!

I still love this skin on my Nelf Hunter.

The hunters are back in action and I can't wait to get them into the Basin to start camping the Spirit Beast.

I must be a glutton for punishment.


Anonymous said...

Hehe awesome Firefly reference.