Saturday, December 29, 2007

They do seem to sweep the floors here though.

It has come to the attention of The City Watch that there have been some disturbances eminating from Medivh's old castle in Deadwind Pass. Gathering a handful of heroes The City Watch traveled into the valley to check out the reports.

WE WENT INTO KARAZAHN, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!, sorry.


Seven officers were dispatched to the area and were verily handed their heads on a platter...

The funniest moment was just after one of our early pulls went bad. I saw the Spectral Chargers enter the room, dropped a trap and turned around just in time to see the door shutting behind the other party members that were still alive.

"Um, guys?"

A true Monty Python moment that one; "Attack!", "Run away!!!! Run away!!!!!"

I swear I hit the feign death hot key, I did, I did.... Gadz, is that a hoof print in my [Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight]?

You know thats going to cost at the blacksmith. What do you mean there is more than one?

So we got our sneak peek at Kara, just a gaggle of 70's that happened all to have keys and be online at the same time. What we did learn, once the initial exitement and silliness wore off a bit, was that we should do just fine in Kara. We had seven people instead of ten, and only one healer. Taking down the Mobs wasn't really a problem, what stopped us was time, and just a lack of experience in this instance.

The tanking was good, the heals were fantastic, we just weren't able to burn down the trash mobs fast enough to avoid the re-spawns. We kept at it until all present had achieved "friendly" reputations with the Violet Eye and each got our first Violet Ring.

Kaylee, my primary pet, did really well. I'll be tweaking her training quite a bit, but at this time I see no reason to give up the Beast Master Spec. I'll be heading up to Coilscar to practice some trapping soon.

I have to say it is very, very fun to be part of a group that is taking their first steps in the endgame content. The sense of community and comaraderie make all that work and waiting totally worth it.

And whats even more exciting is all the folks in the guild that are just starting their key quests, and gear runs, and approaching level 70!

We are close gang, so very close!!!

I am really looking forward to going through the whole learning process involved in a 10 man raid. And seeing a light at the end of the tunnel of my PUGing career is a beautiful thing.

Here's to you TCW!

And as I lay there, waiting for Verbi to rezerect me, I couldn't help but notice that there was a distinct lack of green goo all over the stable floor. A nice change from Outlands don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

ROFL Vik.. I didn't see this post before... you had me howling! Thank you for this... what a great way to start Monday morning. I'm still laughing... :D