Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lord help us all they left me in charge!


I got to lead my first instance today. Woot!

This was the plan, grab 5 people interested in doing a dungeon, head to Shatt City to get the daily quest of dungeons, and give it a go. If we make it through, swell! If not, chalk it up to lots of fun and good experience.

Wipe=Learning Experience and good laughs.

The group was a little unconventional with 2 Hunters, a Boomkin tank, a Priest, and a Warlock. It was the first time in Steam Vaults for some, my first attempt at leading the group and marking targets.

Our squad headed to Lower City to get our assignment, mounted up and then rolled out towards the SteamVaults in Zangarmarsh.

The "four wipe" rule went into effect; ie, we planned on giving it a good four attempts and if we were failing, then re-evaluate the situation. Inside we began clearing the trash mobs. The first pull was a classic text book Chain Trap one target and kill the other.

After that it got a little interesting. We cleared the cavern of Naga easily enough. Our Boomkin had a little trouble with the Bog Lords but the pets picked up the difference and all was well. Overall we did just fine. Pretty much everyone was in a learning mode of some kind or other which kept the pace even and the understanding high.

We cleared our way to the first boss, and headed in to see what we could do.
First wipe.

Re-adjust the strategy give it another shot.
Second wipe.
(Specatular finish though with our hunter Daisy kiting both the boss and her adds all the way to the other side of the instance. Kudos there!)

Lyth rezed us, we took a quick break and went for try three.
Third wipe.

At this point common sense started kicking in. We had originally had a different Warlock signed up who had graciously stepped aside for our healer/lock team, cause thats how we roll. Krigsmager was still online and trying to help via whispers to us in the instance.

Well, here is a great opportunity for Silver (our Lock in training) to get some good instruction from a seasoned vet of the dungeon. So we chatted and decided that we could give it one more go. Then it would be best for me to step aside and allow Krig to take over and hand out some instructional Warlock edjumications.

So we lined up, tightened our belts, marched right up that ramp and...
...fourth wipe.


So it was time to hand things over to someone with a little more experience. I can't wait to find out how it turned out.

What did we learn?

First I want to take a good look at my spec. Recent posts over on BRK indicate I might be able to move two of my talent points from Beastial Discipline to Improved Revive Pet. Given the role that Kaylee is playing in off tanking recently the speedy return of my pet might be a good choice.

Second, I'd like to create a few macros to help speed up marking our targets.

Third, I need to study up on the macro that will allow me to pull with Misdirection and still trap.

And last, playing lead is lots of work, but also great fun!

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