Monday, December 31, 2007

The Sunday Daily

Written for The City Watch

There has been a call from Lower City for volunteers to discreetly handle a few "items" that the resident guards have been unable to resolve due to political reasons. Pointedly the call is for The City Watch to provide One Healer, One Tank, and Three DPS characters for a trip into an instance. The specifics won't be revealed until the group reports in.

Sign ups are first come, first served by the role you wish to fill for the group. Don't forget to mention which roll you wish to play.
Target start time is 11 a.m. Sunday morning (server time). We will meet in Lower City to receive our orders (get the daily quest) and roll out from there. This is primarily for fun and practice so if you want to try something new feel to sign up.
There will be a "four wipe" rule in effect. The plan is to give it our best, and if we wipe four times call it a day.


Chef K said...

I am still so jealous of your tiger that I started a hunter with hopes of one day following in your footsteps :)

Happy New Year my friend!


Seargent Viktel said...

Mwhahahaha! Another convert!
LOL Hi Karen, happy new year!!!!
Any help I can give let me know, and be sure to head over to and check out BRKs blog.

Its hilarious AND has tons of info on the hunter class.

Talk to you soon.