Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Defense of Stormwind

For me the zombie invasion was lots of fun.

How it came down
I had just finished grinding out enough Necrotic Runes to purchase my Shoulders, Gloves, and Tabard from the Argent Dawn vendor in the Eastern Plaguelands and had decided to go play around with some new glyphs.

I hearth stoned to Shattrath, and then ran right to the Stormwind portal not knowing what I was about to blunder into.

On the other side of the portal I was met with a full blown Zombie invasion, reminiscent of Warcraft III.


I think I was hit by about 5 of the zombies just waiting there at the portal. Easy picking for them, and I didn't have a chance without any kind of healer nearby.

Zombified and completely under the control of the Lich King (cough, cough) I made my way into the center of the Trade District where the extent of the infection became clear.

I'm not sure who took me out, a guard or a player, but before I manage to infect too many others I was blown apart and making my corpse run.

Ahem! Sorry to those I infected, but I wasn't myself...really.

Retaking the city
This is where the patch got good for me. On Caelestrasz we actually managed to organize a kind of defence of the city and retook it from the zombies for a little over an hour.

First thing we wanted to do was rally around the Argent Dawn healers, not realizing they had been pulled out of the city. Once we realized that they weren't going to re-spawn after being killed there was a bit of a panic.

Soon the word got out that there was still one healer left inside the Keep near the King. We fell back to the Keep, and then slowly managed to push our way out using ranged attacks and pets to keep from becoming infected.

One group headed to the Harbor to clear the Zombies and the infected rats streaming out of the sewers. My group pushed into the trade district and then mounted a strong offensive at the front gates of the city.

Soon NPCs started re-spawning and Stormwind began to look like a city able to defend herself rather than the end of a B horror film. Keeping a careful eye on the infected we managed to hold the city for an hour or so before people began to tire of the whole thing.

My thoughts on the The Echos of Doom.
Personally I had massive amounts of fun with this, and think Blizzard has come up with great way to introduce the expansion. Honestly I was hoping for a quest to help find and implement a cure for my level 70 characters complete.

I think it would have been fun for the higher level characters to be able to drive off the invasion and push Arthas back into Northrend.

The whole thing kind of ended with a whimper.

One of he highlights for me was that the general channel was filled with information on locations of the enemy, and some semblance of strategy instead of the normal griefing and complaining the is usually so rampant.

So, I am waiting rather eagerly for the next patch and what it might bring. Everything that has happened last week has really been a refreshing change from the standard daily quests and leveling of alternate characters.

Thanks Blizz. for the kick in the pants!

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