Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hunting Necropoli

With the Lich King attacking and everyone heading out to gather up their share of Necrotic Runes it is a madhouse out here.

The usual problems are arising with groups and individuals tagging and, depending on your point of view, stealing mobs. Mages and any other AOE class has a distinct advantage here.

To try and maximize my efficiency I have been playing with my different pets, and the one that stands out is Wash my Warp Stalker.

His ability to Warp, or Blink to the target like a mage has helped immensely. Keeping in mind that our pets attacking does not tag a mob for us, but when other players see a pet already on an enemy they tend to back off as if it was tagged.

Personally I like to spread the wealth and not tag more than one, two if I happen to be attacked while burning down an enemy.

At the same time, not everyone follows along with that ideology, so competition will be fierce for a while until more people have what they want from the Argent Dawn quartermaster.

A little patience will be needed until Northrend opens.

Wash is tearing it up out there!

Warp Stalkers FTW!

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