Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Into the home stretch...

...and it looks like its gonna be the druid.

Yep, Finegas is the character that held my attention through the level grind.

I'm not too sure why, I figured I would be jumping at the chance to move my hunter forward.

My original plan was to rotate through characters and play down my rested experience points. However, after one trip through the rotation I never ran out on Fin. I dinged 79 last night and have 75% of my rested points.

Of course I am logging off each night in an inn or in Dalaran.

To get to 80 I followed Jame's Guide through Dragonblight where it ends. The guides states that you will be level 74 when finished.

In reality I was halfway through level 76. So after watching the Wrathgate cinematic a bazillion times and saving Undercity, I headed up into Shalizar Basin to visit ol' Nesingway. After finishing there I moved into Stormpeaks.

The Thorin questline takes the tops for my favorite. I won't do too much spoiling here, but I will say that the quest where you end up jumping from Dragon to Dragon fighting for your life a mile up is waaaaaay cool.

Go check it out if you haven't.

...and while waiting for the realms to come back up I went ahead and updated my n52te drivers and firmware.
I know they came out in September, I just prefer to wait and see if there is any epic failing going on before doing it myself.

All seems well... we shall see.

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