Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kaylee's Current Raid Spec

I've been playing a bit with different specs for both myself and Kaylee. My hope was to have 3 pets up and running for different raid types but that hasn't materialized yet.

Since I tamed Mal I have been working on leveling him up. He is now at 62, too small for instances yet; and I have been filling the holes in my pet taming spell book so I've had to keep an open slot in the stable for trash pets.

I am starting to try the heroics daily quests as well; I need the Badges of Justice for some armor upgrades. Since Kaylee may be tanking when not running Kara I might be adjusting things a little to keep her survivability up. I'll sacrifice a bit of DPS until I have all the Badges I need, but that wasn't unexpected.

This is the Pet Spec that I am currently taking into Karazahn:
Growl rank 8
Cower rank 7
Claw rank 7
Dash rank 3
Natural Armor rank 8
Avoidance rank 2
Cobra Reflexes rank 1
Arcane Resistance rank 3
Fire Resistance rank 3
Shadow Resistance rank 3
Greater Stamina rank 1

Until I can get Mal up and into instances I just might back off on the Dash and Stamina so I can get some nature resistance and max out Natural Armor.

My issue is currently less about money given that it only costs 10 silver to respec a pet, and more about time. With no pet trainers in the Outlands I just don't want to get caught with shadow resists when an invite comes in for Steam Vaults. Updates as they happen.

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