Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Newest Member

Meet Tandani!

Tan is the latest (and maybe final?) addition to my family of alts. He is now level 10, has a pet scorpid and is trained in all the skills obtainable in Durotar.

He is on the Emerald Dream RPPVP server and I'll be adding his armory profile so we can keep an eye on his progress.

/cough Just as soon as he makes an appearance on The Armory that is....

I'm not sure why, but playing a lower level hunter is lots of fun. The dynamics are so different.

I am also starting to experiment with Bartender3. I have been using Trinity Bars for a long time, but now that there is a huge new update I am thinking if I am going to spend all that time reconfiguring my action bars I'd like to get set up with something on the Ace MacUpdater.

That updater just makes patch days a snap!

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