Monday, January 21, 2008

On 24 hour cooldown

In college I used to go to a coffee house named EJ's with some friends to study and enjoy the live music. Each Tuesday night was live mic night and there were always some fun individuals that would come and try their materials.

The most aggravating one was this guy that could play concert piano like you would not believe. Absolutely stunning work, but he never finished anything, and never spoke about his work. He would arrive, get up on stage and begin playing. The coffee would show up, books would get cracked open, smiles would appear and heads would begin bobbing in enjoyment.

Then suddenly he would stand up and walk away.


There was also this guy that was known for being ridiculously silly. Steve would sit on stage with his 2nd hand guitar wearing dark sunglasses and sing things like, "She was tall, she was tall, she was real real tall....but not too tall!"

Which brings me to The City Watch attempting Maiden this past Saturday.

The group gathered in the morning for the raid, silliness and huggyness was abound as we waited for all the attendees to arrive.

Once gathered TCW proceeded into Kara for buffs and a small picnic in the starting area. It always kind of makes me wonder how the entire dungeon doesn't know invaders are on the steps given that prior to a raid the area takes on the aspects of a cheap disco tech.

But I digress.

The first boss we went for was the Dire Hound animal boss on the ground floor. Lots of spiders and Dire Wolf thingies, throw in a few nasty bat critters, and you have the first fifteen minutes.

Next we headed upstairs for a quest a few of us had to recover a lost log book. Then on to Moroes.

First time in for me. I was a bit nervous but I had read up on the fight, watched the BRK Moroes video a couple of times and felt I could handle it.

Phhhttt. It was an easy one shot for TCW. I barely got to trap the Baron 2x before our main tank was tearing off his armor and chewing on his face.

Sweet! This Kara stuff isn't so bad after all; on to the Maiden of Virtue!

Here we had a spot of trouble.

1st attempt - splat! Seriously I haven't been knocked out of a fight that fast since before Sunken Temple and in all my Huntard glory.

2nd attempt - Splat again durn it! This time we learned you can't re-enter the fight by hitting the grave yard and running back in, you have to wait for the fight to end.
Fortunately I had just improved my reputation with The Violet Eye to Honored status and exchanged my ring for an upgrade. So not at total loss, and I'll have a little more attack power on the next attempt.

3rd attempt - OK hang back a little, check positioning, double check distance to the healer, start shooting, and send in Kaylee. Nice this is better, got a crit, hit Kill Command and ....SPLAT.

Holy Crap, dude!

In the end we made 6 attempts, the last three went a little better, we didn't get her down though. Our best attempt got her to 16% health.

So now it is time to lick the wounds, gather mats, grind out some honor for a PvP gear upgrade and wait for the next raid to be scheduled.


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