Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taking the Plunge

Today I created a character on the PvP/RP Realm Emerald Dream. I've had small experiences on both those types of realms separately. I had a hunter on the PvP realm Balnazaar, and rolled a Shaman on some RP server a few months ago. The hunter never made it out of the Ghostlands, and I don't think the Shammy ever passed the Valley of Trials.

Echos Isles seems to be home for my "normal" server needs. I started my first ever, and primary character there. That would be Viktel, my level 70 hunter. He took a 3 month tour of Aerie Peak mid summer this past year after a guild break up that I took kind of hard, however it just didn't feel like home seeing all those different guild names, and that server was awful crowded. Once I had the opportunity to bring him home I took it, and am happy for returning. He has a good place in his new guild, along with Hazzmat and Kallessin my first two alts.

On the Horde side lives the remnants of my old guild firefly. Currently that guild is 4 irl friends with around 10 characters. I keep thinking that one day I might fire those engines back up again. It might happen come expansion time.

For my current goals on WoW I think I'd like to have my main char, Vik, who is poised for the endgame content, and also have one tank, and one healer class. That way I will have experienced the game from all three viewpoints. So Hazz, my Paladin will be my tank and I think Finegas will be a Healing Druid. Lassiter was created to be a practice hunter; kind of a "If I only knew then what I know now" character. He might see a little less time, or I might just twink him out and park him in a battleground just for fun.

I played the new hunter up to level 8 before work this afternoon. I'll go ahead and finish out to level 10 and get myself set with a pet. I'm still thinking about what pets will be appropriate for a Troll hunter. I am thinking that I'd like something like the ghost kitty since it will take a bit of effort to get up into Darkshore to get one. Then maybe I'll play with scorpids and windserpents too since I've never had one of those. It will need to tie into my backstory.

Anyhoo, thats whats up in my World....of Warcraft.

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