Saturday, February 9, 2008

Das Gnaked Gnome Race

The Gnaked Gnome Race is today!!!

Over on Drenden BigRedKitty is hosting the event. We will be logging in at 6pm EST (3 pm my time) for the festivities. We will be running from the Gnome/Dwarf starting area to Menethil Harbor. First to get to the bridge leading into town wins.

My little Gnome Orcbait is all set up and ready to go!

Rules are:
You must be a newly spawned gnome with no xp!
You must cross the bridge from the north (for those taking the path over the mountains).
You need to be a generally decent person, no misbehavin'.

My strategy:
Lemmingism. I shall follow the group and have fun jumping around and acting like a 38 year old dork!!!


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