Monday, March 17, 2008

The Alt. Report

Here is a little progress report on my little family of alternate Warcraft characters. Before I start here are the guides that I am currently using.

Jame's Horde Leveling Guide
Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide Tradeskills Guides

Following these guides my group has been leveling quickly. James keeps you on the best quests in multiple zones, and minimizes the mindless grinds. Also, the quests tend to be chain quests so if you are into game content you won't be missing out, you just need to stop and read the quests.

Kallessin - Kal is my Drenai fire mage who is currently at level 49. His tailoring and enchanting skills are both at level 300, and are pending my first trip to the Outlands to get more training.

Kallessin is kind of my guilty pleasure, I am a terrible mage, just terrible. He is also a great money maker in that I'll scan the Auction House for those drops that are disenchant-able and selling at a discount. One nice surprise here was that there are no fees connected to the materials involved in enchanting. Can you say total profit?

Kal also just made his run to the Hinterlands and Zul'Farak to get his [Carrot on a Stick] trinket (thanks Darq!). I also already have the [Mithril Spurs], but am waiting for an equipment upgrade before attaching them to a set of boots. While in Zul'Farak a couple of nice caster leather items dropped that I was able to enchant and send to my druid Finegas (thanks again Darq!).

Hazzmat - Hazz is a Drenai Paladin specc'd into the protection tree. Currently level 33 Hazz made a big trip this week. I sent him off to an oceanic server as an experiment to see if I like playing with a server that is having its peak when I am playing. I am a bit of a night owl and frankly its nice to see other people in the zone with me. Then, since I enjoy doing my gathering in the morning I should see less competition for nodes since it is early morning in New Zealand.

Also Hazz just went through a nasty change in armor. He went from a cool looking set of blues to a nasty looking set of greens.... Really, it looks like Disney did a technicolor puke all over my Pally. And with no guild tabbard I can't hide it at all. Ack!

Lassiter - My little Orc Hunter is not so little anymore. He is currently level 38 and topping the lists in the battlegrounds. He just finished all three of the Hemingway Jr. quest lines and picked up some really trick gear. The boss fights aren't in the guide but what hunter could pass up [Tiger Hunter Gloves], [Panther Hunter Leggings], [Raptor Hunter Tunic], and a [Master Hunter's Bow]. I solo'd everything but King Bagalash, I was just about down for the count when a friendly Dranai pally stopped and helped me take Bags out. Thanks, whoever you are!!

and last but not least comes Finegas.
I just picked back up with Fin this morning and he is just starting in Stranglethorn Vale. He should be the last that goes through this. Fin just dinged 34 this morning and should be hitting 36 when I am done with rested points. Since the level 39 PvP bracket is where Druids really shine as flag runners I'll be getting the above equipment (minus the bow) to use in Warsong Gulch. Unless I have a field day on the auction house that is.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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