Thursday, March 27, 2008

Recruting for firefly

(H) Firefly - Adult Guild de Casual, Now Recruiting

Always find yourself drinking in an Alliance bar on Unification day? is a Shiny Guild recruiting Brown Coats to the Independent cause.

Our catalyzer is fixed and we are back in the sky looking for friendly adult players interested in dodging Alliance Patrols.

And by adult we mean: Old enough to buy your own dang beer, durn it!! ;)

We are a tiny local group of re-rolls, new players, and alts looking to expand our ranks as our members close on that first WoW benchmark of level 40.

Our goal is to create a lasting guild, and have fun while getting to the endgame and preparing for Wrath's release. If we get to move through the BC Endgame that's great, if not that's great too.

New to the game and need help? Just looking for a adult group of Sci-Fi fanatics to chat with while grinding? Come see if we are what you might be looking for.

Let's Keep Her Flying

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