Monday, May 5, 2008

At a crossroad?

So here it is near the start of the summer and things are looking very different for this summer.

First I think I have come pretty close to capping out with my Ally hunter Vik. He is now running with the BlackSheep, I just purchased my [Don Santos' Famous Hunting Rifle], and have only to replace 3 more pieces of Armor with epics.

I don't envision seeing much more of the endgame content than I already have with Viktel.

And on the Horde side the old guild has started taking on crew once again.
Finegas is now the GM and just dinged 44, and at the moment is out in front by one level. I think I'd like to heal with him, but might just end up tanking as well.

My lowbie Orc hunter Lassiter is now officially and alt, and not so lowbie anymore. Way back when I started Vik I did an Alliance character first specifically because I knew I would like the Horde better. I'll post more about why later.

So what is in store for this blog? Will it become a Druid/Hunter/GM trying to get a clue blog?
Probably. Time will tell.

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