Thursday, May 8, 2008

41/20/0 Trapping in Heroics

Prior to the onset of my graphics problems I was just beginning to run heroics in hopes of getting some of that phat new badge gear.

Being new to heroics I jumped over to BRK's Hunter Forums and asked this question:I got several great replies, and this post from Zball is my favorite:
With proper planning and management, trapping in Heroics as BM is easy. I never had an issue and I've done it as BM, MM, and SV.

Things to look out for and keep in mind.

-Communicate. Your tanks need to know to wait until you give the go ahead on any pull where you will be tasked with trapping. Healers need to tell you if they're being attacked. You have to keep your party in the know about the status of the trapped mob. Let them know that blue square is yours and yours alone until it comes up in the kill order.

-Blue square is your responsibility. In Heroics the mobs hit a lot harder. Get used to it. Have another trap ready. Be ready to have your pet tank the square until your trap is off cooldown in case the trap breaks early. Be ready to kite. And do not Feign Death while Blue Square is alive. You have bandages and pots. Use them. Do not ask for or expect a heal when dealing with your responsibility.

-Mind your traps and pet. Be careful and be ready to blow Intimidate on a mob that has broken free. Your pet is a tool in an instance. Use it. Sacrifice if you need to. You are more important than your pet. You are less important than the healer.

-Do not outlive your healer. If you do, you're wrong. You die first. Those mobs hit you before they hit the healer. That's part of your job as a DPS class.

All in all, trap talents aren't going to make or break you. As long as you have knowledge of your class and keep on top of things, Heroics are easy- mode.
Thank you for the words of wisdom!

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