Monday, May 26, 2008

Word Up!

So do you remember when we were all kids growing up in Azeroth?

Do you remember those feelings?

We were in our early 30's or so and had discovered how cool it was to group up and take down the big mobs. Remember rushing home from work or school to see who was online, and if there was a group questing?

Remember STV going on seemingly forever?

Do you remember laughing hysterically about some silly thing in the game, or making your friends cast Moonfire over and over because the spell graphics were so cool?

Good times!

I found this video about that time in my WoW experience and sometimes when I am a little bored with the game, or even if work just kind of sucks I like to give it a gander.

It brings back those fun feelings, and makes me feel good.

Word Up y'all!

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