Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Whole New World.

A New Outlook
This morning I ran Zul Garub with my new Alliance guild Vindicate.
For the first time since the release of WoW Patch 2.3 I played for a full 4 hours and ran an instance without a single glitch! It seems my CPU heat issues are solved for the time being.

Can I get an Amen!

Once again I can pursue my own personal goal of handing the biggest boss in the game his head on a platter. I can confidently join groups and not be wondering if I will just end up holding things up or having to bow out so the rest of the group can move ahead.

Once again I can be a productive member of my guild. Its like....

A whole new wooooooooooorrrrrrlllllld
That's where we'll beeeeeeeeeeee
A thrilling chaaaaaaaase
A wondrous plaaaaaaaace
For you and me


Yeah ok, thats a little sappy but it sure does feel good. I am once again looking forward to the new expansion, and able to set my eyes on things that aren't "solo-casual".

New Guild for Vik
On Thursday I joined Vindicate on Echo Isles. Lots of familiar names in the chat window and lots of folks were one time members of my last serious guild The City Watch. I want to give a shout out to my good friend Darq who finally talked me into joining.

Thanks Darq, its good to have friends like you in the game.

I did a small stint with a guild called the BlackSheep but they aren't much on the friendly side of things. I think I stuck with them because I wasn't sure if I was going to be sticking with WoW or not. That and they had a cool name and tabard.

Zul Garub
Yup you heard right Zul Garub, the old 20 man instance in Stranglethorn Vale. We had a guildie looking to run the quests inside so we 10 manned it for him with some level 70s. It was the first time I've seen it though and it is a gorgeous instance. It might have topped Wailing Caverns as my favorite as far as graphics and general feel goes.

Netherwing Update
Vik is currently standing at 30% Revered with the Netherwing. I found a record number of 6 eggs on my last run through the daily quests. I was paired with another player for a short time when we found 2, I passed him one so I ended up turning in 5. That brings my total egg count to 17.

I have heard a few people say they didn't like the dailies for the Netherwing rep grind. I am finding them passable, and the luck I am having in finding eggs certainly has taken some days off the grind.

I saved a few of the regular quests for this part of the run as well. Not that it helps overall, but it takes the edge off the revered to exaulted part of the grind.

New Stuff
I had a chance to listen to the new Twisted Nether podcast. In this one they talk a bit about things that can help newer bloggers, and Bree mentioned that people were having issues with lower level hunters not responding well to the new spirit based mana regeneration.

I think I may just use that as an excuse to jump on Lassiter and see how my old lowbie hunter techniques stand up to the new settings.
Will the World of Warcraft ever be the same again?
A new Instance podcast released today, I always look forward to that.
And finally, BRK has announced his Orcapalooza:

One thousand baby orcs - the poll in the sidebar doesn’t lie; that’s what y’all want - running somewhere, all wearing the same colored shirts. Or lots of different colored shirts, we’re not sure. But there shall be shirts, oh yes there shall be! Maybe even hats!

Will the World of Warcraft ever be the same again?

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