Friday, September 12, 2008

PvE Transfers to PvP

The big news from Blizzard today is that they are opening up transfers from Player vs. Environment servers to Player vs. Player servers.

I think this is kinda cool myself. Their reason for opening up the transfers seems good to me.

I started my main character a few months before some of my own friends started playing and was unable to join them for this reason.

I have also found out that old friends from highschool and college are playing. How cool would it be to play WoW with the guys I played AD&D with back in the mid 1980's?

To all the outraged kids out there lighting up the forums I say, eh....

Get over it.

I personally don't think you will see mass migrations to a PvP server. Most people playing PvE are doing so because that's what they prefer anyway.

I'm curious if that will extend to Role Playing servers. I would love to take one of my higher level characters to an RP server. When I started playing WoW I had no idea that people would generate back stories and spend their time in-game role playing as their character.

Now I have a few characters that are high enough level to be beneficial to an RP guild, and I have the skills to match. Moving someone over to join the guild AIE which is connected to my favorite podcast would be too cool.

My own guilty pleasure.

That would be pretty fun I think.

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