Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holy Crap!! Infected!

Stopping in Booty Bay this morning on my way to train a gorilla I found these conspicuous crates sitting on the dock.

So I investigated and I was immediately infected and had to find a cure or be turned into a zombie within 10 min.

I am now flying to Stormwind to try and find an Argent Dawn healer before it's too late.

Damn You Lich King!!!! Curse You!!!

Its only a three minute flight.... hopefully I'll be ok

Edit: Made it, I found a healer inside The Gilded Rose in the Trade district. The kind healer took care of me right as I walked through the door.

Keep your eyes peeled people! Arthas and his minions are about!!!!
Whatever you do, don't eat or touch anything green, glowy, and pukey looking.
The plague is what took down Lordoron!

Now I'm off to let my pally get turned into a zombie....
brainssssss, braaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnnsssssss

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