Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Holy Crap! What do we do now!!??!!

or Life in World of Warcraft 3.02

Alas poor Ilidian I knew him well....

WoW 3.02 is currently being added to the servers, and soon we will emerge into realms that appear the same, yet all will have changed.

These are exciting days ahead. The next month will be spent learning how the new game mechanics function, and planning out how we want to approach the expansion. Some will want to charge ahead to level 80 and the new endgame content, others will go hit up the new Death Knight class, still others will be sleeping in Inns and building up a bit of XP to stay just ahead of questing level requirements.

If you were around for the 2.0 update you are probably patiently keeping an eye on the Realm Status web page while doing other things, dishes, work, laundry...you know.

This is old hat for us, for we remember the old days when our worlds would fall apart once a week, but would usually be back up by 11:00am.

Sometimes not.

OK, most of the time not.

And usually we would spend the next two or three days getting our add-ons straightened back out.

For those that are Burning Crusade babies who came to the game in the times of rolling restarts and short scheduled game maintenance... DON'T PANIC!

I repeat DON'T PANIC!

We will get through this.
What we are going to do is get back to our roots and once again start paying attention to all the other research sites, QQ'ers, and hunter how-to bloggers that got us from huntard to hunter the first time around.

We are also going to try things on our own FEARLESSLY. These changes bring exciting new things to WoW that will enhance the game and hopefully make things more fun.

Sure things will be off balance and wacky for a bit, but that is to be expected. Adequately testing a game for 10 million people to play is one heck of a task for our developers, so to this end we will also be Patient. Let the huntards and @ss hats piss and moan and complain, while the rest of us take things in stride and enjoy all the new adventures ahead of us.

The advantage is we are heading into the expansion informed and experienced. We can do this gang, we have been here before, and don't forget that there are new people out there that will need our help on the way.

One of the great things about the Hunter community is our willingness to stop what we are doing and show someone else the tricks of the trade.

*sings* Its a whooooole new wooooooooorrrrld, a fantastic point of view!

Here is my list of Hunter Research sites.
Some old and some new, all of them friendly and all are passionate about our fav class.
Keep these handy for when you are stuck and want a little help, or maybe a good laugh on a realm maintenance Tuesday.
Edit: This is looking like my new side bar....

Hunter Blogs
Big Red Kitty
Aspect of the Hare
The Hunter's Mark
Gun Loving Dwarf Chick
Twisted Nether Wiki - Blogs of all classes listed here.

Hunter Forums
BigRedKitty Forums
Elitist Jerks
WoW Hunter Forums-Official

Research Sites
WotLK Wiki
Kaliban's Loot Lists

The Instance
Twisted Nether
World of Warcast

Big Red Kitty

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