Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reaching Critical Mass

It happened, it finally happened!

I logged into play a little WoW last night and after the typical greetings I was met with:
"Hey lets go do something, I want to practice my tanking!"
A little later another guildie logged and and timidly asked:
"Could you bring Bert to a Nexus run, I have quests in there still."
My fellow guildies are approaching the endgame.

We are a casual adult group, most of whom have pretty busy lives so grouping up has been a little difficult. I shot way out in front with Fin due to my arm injury. I wasn't able to work for three months and WoW is how I stayed sane.

I set the personal goal of getting Fin to the point where he had enough healing power to run heroics and then I planned on working up some alts, one to tank and one to dps. That way I could relax and play while the gang worked their way through the content, waiting and hoping for the day they developed an interest in 5 man instances.

Like myself they love the questing and leveling process as much as any other part of the game. Many of them came into the game late in the Burning Crusade expansion so they never had the chance to feel that great feeling of dinging the final level.

There is no way I could pressure them into just breezing through the content.

Fine, no problem I can wait. I'll just bide my time and keep on gathering and leveling up Bert for fun.

Well its finally starting to happen. Folks are looking at the endgame and starting to ask questions (which will hopefully lead to some good post ideas too).

So this Wed night we will be looking to build a group to do Nexus and I can't wait!

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