Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break

Yep, I am calling it a Spring Break.

My playing has dropped recently due to my activities IRL.

Now that I have completed a couple of side projects it is time to focus a little on taking care of the basics, and resting.

In game I have been leveling my twink Belf Hunter, she is now level 16 and I have had some success in gathering some of the twink gear I am going to want at level 29.

I am working on a few smaller posts about how my method for twinking out.

You will see those here and there.


Chaaron said...

You should get yourself some of those heirloom shoulders from WG then go to Org and spend 10000 honor on an enchant that will add +30 Stamina and +15 resilience and then go kick some ass !!!!!

Viktel said...

Hmmmmn. Thats kinda juicy.

Off to research.....

Willow said...

Here to help...just let me know. :-)

Viktel said...

Thanks hon, I'm still a few levels away from minimum needed to get the Nesingwary Jr. quests.

Maybe next weekend?