Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patch 3.1 is here....

Or: My world comes crashing down every Tuesday, but its usually back up by 11.

Yup its patch day.
While waiting I have been reading patch notes, blogs, WoW Insider reports on the Argent Tournament, and watching the new Cinimatic Trailer for Ulduar.

The trailer is pretty cool. You can see it here.

It all sounds pretty cool, and pretty exciting. However, the real question is more about just how many add ons are going to break this time and will it take over a week to get things back in shape.

Last time the patch caused me to change from my old favorite UI Macaroon to Bartender4.
Macaroon had some issues that caused d/c problems with my set up.

This time I also have the Logitech G13 to think about. While I normally don't sweat my perifrials too much with the last update WoW stopped recognizing the pad's preset for the game and I have had to play in default mode... evil portents....

Ahhhh we shall see, we shall see....

Edit: Just a thought after watching the trailer: What the h@ll is it with the Dwarves anyhow? Anyone else notice that they keep digging up nasties?

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