Monday, April 13, 2009

Thunder Down Under

Or: Home is where you hang your Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight

I do believe I have found a new home for Viktel, my Nelf Hunter.

Two summers ago I started up some horde characters, and my friends convinced me that rather than totally disband our old Alliance guild Firefly we should just swap factions and become a casual adult guild.

This has been great, and Firefly continues to dodge alliance patrols to this day, and grows at a nice relaxing pace of one or two recruits a month. Most of us are busy IRL and looking for a stable adult oriented guild that will still be there if we have to spend a little time away from the game.

The conundrum became that I had too many characters on one server. As we approached the release of Wrath I had 3 favorite Alliance characters, 3 Hordes, one banker for each faction, and dreams of playing a Death Knight on each faction.

It was too much for one start-up screen.... really.

Toss into the mix the fact that I have a very odd work schedule which prevents me from playing during Echo Isles' prime time, and even though E.I. is listed as a Pacific Time Zone server the majority of players are actually Mid West to East Coast.

Since I play at night or in the mornings Echo Isles just doesn't really seem to be a good fit for me, however I do lead a guild of local friends there and we seem to be pretty content with things as they are.

What to do, what to do....

While at work one evening a co-worker mentioned that when he first started playing MMOs he ended up playing with a lot of folks from Australia, just because they happened to be the people on when he got home from work.

That got me to thinking. Why not try out a Oceanic server?
So I transferred Vik over to Cealestrasz and began to tootle around there.

Later, just after Wrath Launched, Saurfang opened and was accepting free transfers for a limited time. It turned out that all my Alliance characters were eligible to move for free and I took the opportunity to get all my Alliance toons on one server, and all my Horde characters stayed on Echo Isles.

My OCD was now satisfied and my characters all lined up nice and tidy.

Just recently I have really picked back up on my Hunter, and I have to say I have had a blast for the past couple of weeks playing on Saurfang.

My playtime lines up nicely with the other people on this server. When I get home from work in the evening dinner has ended for them and things are just picking up, and finding a group to play with has never been easier.

If I choose to play in the morning I can still hook up with the late night crowd, or if I want to grind out leather or quest there is little to no competition for materials.

I am also happy to report that so far the cool people out number the @sshats, and prices on the AH aren't too inflated yet.

...and check this out. People actually say things like good-day, no worries, and call me "mate".
/big grin

Suffice it to say after quite some time, playing Vik is starting to feel at home again.

Ohhh...and he met a young Druid named Realia in Teldrassil. She spends her days tending to the great tree itself, but likes to spend her spare time helping Vik with his banking needs.

There might be a little romance in the air....

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Chaaron said...

Should I reroll with the hope of playing with you? Hope you are well, I miss you IRL