Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mimi: Ok, nice job on the knee raises.  Booty hops are next.

Me: Booty hops?

Mimi: Yeah, you know, booty hops.

Me: You mean Garhammer Raise?

Mimi: No, I call them Booty Hops.  They are much more fun.

Me: I don't want to do Booty Hops, I wanna do Garhammers.  Much more manly.

Mimi: Nope, your doing booty hops!

Me: Thor wouldn't do booty hops.  Thor would do Garhammers.

Mimi: You are GOING to do booty hops.  Twelve of them, now stop stalling.

Me: /sigh Fine!  Booty hops, twelve?

Mimi: NO!  Booty bounces, yes twelve.

Me:  Booty Bounces?

Mimi: Yup, Booty Bounces.

Me: Not booty hops?

Mimi: Nope I just changed it.  

Me: From booty hops?

Mimi:  Uh huh, see much more fun to say, booty, booty, bounce...bounce...bounce.

Me: Just now?  You can do that?

Mimi: Yep, NOW GO already!  Twelve.

Me: Mimi have you been hitting the Red Bull?

Mimi: Nope, I'm all natural this morning.  I think I'm suffering from too-much-lack-of-sleep.

Me: You mean you didn't get enough sleep?

Mimi: Nope, too-much-lack-of-sleep.  BOOTY BOUNCES, GO NOW!

Me: Twelve?

Mimi:  Ghhhhaaaaaa!!!!!

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