Thursday, January 3, 2008

Heroic Mechnar

I volunteered for a heroic run through The Mechnar last night. I was understandably a little nervous, with this being my first PUG in a heroic dungeon. It also marks the second time I was inside this wing of the Tempest Keep.

We made it through with 4 wipes. Most just due to learning the new strategies for the trash and the boss fights. We were all pretty new to the heroic dungeon scene.

Panthelon showed us a little hunter lovin' when he dropped [Edge of the Cosmos], I also received 4 Badges of Justice, completed my first daily dungeon quest, and got the bottom half of my Arcatraz Key.

I am still doing a little math, but I believe with agility enchants on both [Edge of the Cosmos], and [Creepjacker] which dropped in Mana Tombs for me a while ago, their stats might just edge out my [Crystal Forged War Axe]. It'll be a bit expensive though.

And I am instituting a new rule. It's OK to stay up late for a dungeon, but if it goes past 12 a.m. no WoW playing the next day. My brain is all fuzzy.

How's that for efficiancy?

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