Wednesday, January 2, 2008

To fly fast

I cracked 2000g last night! Never have I been so wealthy!

So I am promising myself when I reach the 1/2 way mark to my epic flying mount I will go ahead and splurge and purchase the mount itself. The real cost of course is the training at 5000 gold.

I figure that buying the mount will focus me on the next 500 gold. Then having it sit unused in my bag will push me through the second half of the grind. My strategy for buying low and selling high in addition to grinding leather and mining is going well.
Adamantite ore is pretty easy to find at this stage, and sells like a dream. In close second is Felsteel.

I have also started branching out into the mats for guardian and battle elixirs. My hope is to see that take off as the raiding world returns to normal with the holidays over.

I have a few expenses with my own raiding, but nothing too hard to handle.

I am also looking into switching to leather working once this grind is over. I'll be starting to collect the materials for that as well. Then I can take advantage of the buff materials, and high end armor sets I can make myself.

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