Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Quote from BRK's blog a few days ago:

Once a BM hunter’s crit rate hits 20%, his Go For The Throat talent should be providing enough Focus that BD isn’t necessary.

I've been kicking this one around a bit and finally decided to give it a try. The big question was where do I put those two points? I could put them into Improved Aspect of the Hawk which gives me a small percentage of a chance to proc Quick Shots, or I can put them into Improved Revive Pet.

I've been in a weird in between spot with my raiding spec. I just took my first steps into Kara where the trash mobs are easier to crowd control than Heroics, but the boss fights are long and DPS needs to be high. But I am still running both regular and heroic instances for gear, rep and to help other guild members get their keys to the castle.

I am finding myself in odd situations with PUG's where Kaylee is being asked to off tank with another pet or another player that isn't well geared or maybe not so experienced. The problem is that in those odd situations that occur in the heat of the battle Kaylee will get stomped.

Normally I shake this off as part of normal raiding. I'll finish the fight, gimped a bit, but in no real duress. Lately though, in heroic mode the fights are a little longer. I am finding that it would be nice to burn the Mobs down faster, and at times a squishy will need a hand.

At this time there isn't any problem with MQoRDPS. I am right where I should be on the lists even if the pet goes down. So I believe that the best thing I can do to help the overall raid group is put those two points into Improved Revive Pet. Doing so will allow me to help with overall DPS by keeping my group buffs up, Kaylee certainly can't do any Claws or Kill Commands dead, and then she'll be available to help myself or a healer in emergencies.

I'm thinking that I should go ahead and follow my own advice and do what will benefit the group most and place those points in Improved Rez. Of course I'll be watching wws reports to make sure the pets aren't running out of focus.

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