Friday, January 4, 2008

Lowbie Hunter Taining; Intro to Kiting

Kiting is one of the vanishing arts in WoW. You just don't run into many jump shooters these days.

However, just today I was asked to kite in the Underbog. I was needed to pull one of three Bog Lords down and away from the group while my partners handled the other two. This is a hunter skill that will set you apart from the pack.

BRK just posted a fantastic Lowbie guide for playing a hunter through levels 1-9, and it doubles as a great introduction to kiting. There isn't a lot in the game you can't kill as a hunter if you have the room to run. Kiting is also an essential PvP skill for Ranged DPS classes.

The shot rotation you will see BRK use here is:
Concussive Shot
Serpent Sting
Auto Shot

Strafing, or running side to side is done by pressing the "E" or "Q" keys.

You will be able to shoot any instant shot while running, so put those on your action bar where you can either "hot key" it or press it with your mouse.

As a side note, running side to side is usually a better solution to get away from a mob than backing up as it allows you to move at full speed.

You can see all of BRK's posts on his blog site:

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