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...guessing shammies cant kite can they? im confused on why kiting works though, why dont you just leave combat once they go out of their little range of combat?

Kiting works when you are able damage your target from a safe distance.

It's really just a matter of developing a technique. If you have a ranged attack of some sort, and a way of slowing your target's run speed down when he gets close to you, you can kite.

Its what hunters do best.

Of the strictly DPS classes:
Mages use weapons of fire, ice, and the arcane.
Warlocks use curses, and fears.
Rogues use stealth and sneak attacks.

Hunters kite.

The point of kiting is that we can kill a mob, or greatly reduce its health, before it can do any damage to us. Good kiting skills allow hunters to kill mobs 3 or 4 levels higher then them without many problems, and are why you can level a hunter faster than any other class.

Poor kiting skills lead to bad pulls, wiped groups, and terms like "Huntard".

We hate that term, we wish to stomp it out of the game. Right after the term noob.

In WoW a hunter represents a small version of the magic trinity: tank (the pet), dps (ranged attack), and healer (pet heals). A hunter's spells allow him/her to gain or completely drop aggro. At level 70 the hunter can even transfer aggro to another party member. Hunters are also equipped with effective crowd control in the form of traps.

The Beast Master concentrates his talents on building up his pet to tank and dps.
The Marksman focuses on burning down his opponent before the opponent can get to him.
The Survivalist learns to become slippery and hard to kill. He/she uses talents designed to get back to range if the enemy gets up in his grill.

All of this put together makes the hunter/ranger class in MMORPGs the natural puller for end game raids; though in WoW the general practice is other wise. You can read a little about that here:

The Ultimate Zone of Safety and You.

The goal of kiting will vary. What do I need to accomplish?

In the pre Burning Crusade days the only way to complete Upper Blackrock Spire was for a hunter to kite General Drakkisath out of the room, over a bridge and through The Furnace while the rest of the group burned down all the other mobs. Then when the room was clear the hunter would drop aggro and the General would return and the group would finish him off.

"need hunter UBS then gtg" was a common line to see in the chat channels.

here is a cool youtube vid of the event:

Ever see Stitches wandering around in Westfall? Someone was practicing thier kiting skills.

You can do fun & challenging things to.
Someone kited Fel Reaver into Shatt City once and A'dal (the godly creature in the center of the city) got his twinkly head handed to him.
That caused a change in the game; Blizzard fixed things so that the next time it happened Fel Reaver got one shotted by A'dal. We can't have a mechanical robot stomping a god out of existance now can we?

The screenshot in the post above is the result of my kiting Fel Reaver into Thrallmar. Why? Well, I needed my Shattered Halls key and was curious if I could solo the quest.

A highly skilled hunter can also save a wipe by kiting a mob until a healer or tank can make it back into a dungeon.

On a personal level I was at one time seriously ridiculed because of my lack of good hunter skills and the best way to fight back is to research, learn, practice, and help others so they don't have to go through that same event.

That is why I will stop in Blade's Edge to show a mid 60's hunter how to keep aggro on his pet so he can progress through the game with less frustration, or offer to hold a class on chain trapping.

I'm not saying that hunters are a more superiour class than others. I am merely saying that hunters are a fun class to play. These posts are all about how to have fun playing a hunter.

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