Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Sunday Daily

Written for The City Watch

The turn out for today's Sunday Daily was fantastic. The dungeon for the day was the Arcatraz. We had 8 total sign ups on the website, and several were interested in going once we all got signed in an started to send invites.

In all we fielded two groups. Krigsmager leading one, myself the other. There was one small caveat, you need a key to enter Arc and between the two groups we had one.

Krigs was kind enough to let my group into Arc where we made a solid attempt to move froward, however without a key we decided to move over to The Mechnar instead. Inside we steadily made our way through the lower level and took down Mechano-Lord Capacitus and opened Cache of the Legion .

Moving up to the second level we cleared the room of Mechbots and Bloodelves, unfortunately the second Boss, Nethermancer Sepethrea, was just a little too much for us. We gave it a good three attempts before having to call the instance for time constraints.

I can't wait to try it again with a new strategy I just came across.

I know Krigs' group cleared Arcatraz, anyone from that group care to give us a run down of how things went?

Thank you everyone that came! Keep an eye out for next week's edition of the Sunday Daily when we will be recruiting people that would like to complete the quest chain that will open up the daily quests that will lead to us getting our Epic Netherdrake Mounts.

Anyone want to ride a Dragon?

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