Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tandani's Owl

I have once again started rotating between my alts. My hope is that this will keep their individual play styles fresh in my mind, as I have totally spaced what I was doing with my mage and my paladin.

Today was Tandani's day to play. He is currently leveling up to 20 in the Ghostlands using this guide:
Snowflake's Guide to the Ghostlands
So far the graphics are better, the loot is definitely better than the Barrens, and the overall zone is smaller with the quests grouped together so you can complete several in one run.

Anyhoo, I logged in today and just didn't wanna quest. I did want to play and when you are on a hunter that means its time to do something interesting with your pets.

I am one of those hunters that loves rare or unique pets. I have characters that have camped in trees for a week, used invisibility potions to get into Razor Fen Krawl, and braved mass snow drifts just for the opportunity to tame a specific pet. Its my own self imposed quest I suppose.

So the question is, what would be fairly unique for a level 13 Troll hunter to have as his best friend. A quick trip over to Petopia tells us that the only Owls in the game prior to being in Felwood are found in Teladrassil, the Night Elf starting zone. The owls can learn Claw, Dive, and Screech. I have claw, Dive is a level 30 skill, but Screech can be learned off a Carrion Bird in Westfall.

Not one, but two trips into enemy territory on a RPPVP server. Hmmmmn, now that sound interesting. The end result should be a fun and somewhat unique pet that has a good group debuff for the level 19 battlegrounds.

I'm in.

So I pack up my bow, stable my scorpid Nerf and head off for the home of the Night Elves. About halfway through Ashenvale I get mobbed by spiders and go down pretty fast. I know a little trick for rezzing in a different zone so I make the rest of the run as a ghost.

The run takes me through Maestra's Post, up through Darkshore, onto the boat to Teladrassil, through Darnassus, and finishes at graveyard just outside Dolanaar. I rez and as quick as I can get down the hill and into a hiding spot.

It was a quiet day in Dolanaar, I only encountered one Elf. She was running South past me and tossed me a friendly wave as she went by. I guess a level 13 troll with rez sickness and no pet isn't much of a concern. I didn't make much of an invasion force.

Once my rez sickness passed, it only lasts 3 min on the PvP servers apparently, it was time to find an owl and clear the area pronto. Fortunately for me there was an owl right on the other side of the tree I was hiding in.

I popped around the corner, there was the owl. No Elves were in site to interrupt my taming spell, so I grabbed me a new bird. I fed the bird and hearthed back to the Ghostlands.

"There ya go Tandani," I thought to myself. "I bet a Troll in the Ghostlands with an Owl will raise an eyebrow or two."

Just then a Tauren hunter ran by with his Level 16 Owl and tossed me a friendly wave.

/cast hand+forehead


Pike said...

If I am not mistaken, Rez Sickness does not happen prior to level 10, and from levels 11-20 it scales according to level; a level 11 character will have 1 minute of rez sickness, a level 12 character will have 2 minutes of rez sickness, etc. on up to 20 where we get the full 10 minutes.

Also grats on the owl! I've got a lowbie tauren who made the run too and has an owl to show for herself.

Viktel said...

Ah! Thanks for the info on the Rez.

LOL it was a fun trip.