Thursday, January 10, 2008

This little Piggy

I took Lassiter, my level 29 Orc Hunter out for a PvP run last night and this morning. My Orc's pet of choice for the battlegrounds is Patches. He is a Rotting Agam'ar from Razorfen Krawl.

Getting in to tame him was a trick in itself, I'll blog about that at some point I'm sure.

The thing about boars in PvP is that they have this great little charge/gore combination that disrupts the target for a split second and that they are just little monsters to try and kill. Boars are also adept at getting up cliffs and into areas where people generally feel they are not vulnerable.

My plan on the this round of battlegrounds for Patches is to trick him out totally for dps. I am treating him like my own personal DOT (damage over time) spell. To do this I headed out of Durotar via the Zepplin and jumped off in Stranglethorn Vale. Running North I headed into Duskwood and trained myself a Black Ravager as a trash pet to help me get up into Redridge Mountains where there lives a mean little Boar by the name of Bellygrub.

Bellygrub runs around in Martie Jainrose's garden just West of Lakeshire and causes no end of problems as any Alliance character that has quested in the area can attest to. I needed to find him because he has the highest level of Gore that a boar can learn until level 48.

I found him right where my little pally Hazzmat left him several months ago and after dismissing the wolf, who had taught me Bite rank 4 thank you very much, I trapped and tamed Bellygrub. He was kind enough to show me his gore spell on the first mob we attacked together.

After hearthstoning back to Orgrimar, I pulled out Patches and headed over to the closest Pet Trainer to retrain my faithful little buddy for the battlegrounds. The first step was to have him unlearn his current spells, which cost me 10 silver. Next I trained him in the new Gore spell, as well as the new Bite, and the highest level of Charge that I know. I followed this with the best Natural Armor I had, and topped it all off with a few Great Stamina points.

I am happy to report that Patches did splendid! At one point I watched from a distance as he tore apart a mage all by himself. The poor girl just kept running in circles trying to Arcane Blast him to death until she was out of mana. He was annoying enough that at one point 4 Allience guys stopped to gang up on him. Two rogues, a mage, and a druid all turned on my little Patches.

I was so proud!

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