Friday, February 1, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy....

I am not sure how it works, but alt-itis seems to run in waves. Maybe it was just the excitement of having a character set to enter Karazahn, I don't know. Whatever it was it has worn off and I am dusting off, re-speccing, and firing up the alts.

My progress so far:

Kallessin - my Mage. Dinged 40 not too long ago, and is the only other character with a mount. After hitting 40 and getting the Brown Ellik it was time to focus on Professions. Fishing and Cooking first. They are maxed now at 225. Both quests to continue are in the log book, but 40 is still a bit low to be working on them. Tailoring is now maxed out at 300, and I am wearing blue items that I crafted myself. Woot! Enchanting is hovering at 175, I still need to grind up a little extra gold to advance this tradeskill any further.

I pulled Kal out of The City Watch to use as a glorified bank character, and as my private time character. Green chat is cool, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood.

Hazzmat - my Paladin. He is currently level 22 and the last time I logged onto him he was standing alone out in the field below Iron Forge wearing beer goggles. Well, I got him inside and thawed out. Took a trip down to Stormwind where I finished off his level 22 spells, and re-specced him as a Protection Pally. Next came a shopping trip. I felt so bad about leaving him standing out in that field I blew 75 gold on his new armor and weapons, then shipped them off to Kal for enchants and armor kits.

Then it was off to Redridge Mountains to try things out. Woo Hoo! I had fun killing black dragon whelplings, but I took out a cow by mistake with Concecration. That farmer wasn't too happy with me.

Why Protection you ask? Well not too long ago I was running a PUG with a Tankadin and got excited by his method. First a Priest spat something on his back, then he threw this big flash of light that hit all the mobs, and next thing I know I had to use and 2 Steady Shots and an Arcane just to get my blue square to take me seriously.

I wanna do that! I am excited, I can't wait to take Haz back out into the Battle Grounds and start getting up into people's faces.

Finegas: - My Druid. Switching to the Horde side, I took Fin out for a run through the level 29 bracket Battle Grounds. I did a little adjusting on his Balance Spec for higher dps output. The new spec did well for me, I found I could burn down Warlocks, Druids, Hunters, and even Rogues without assistance. I plan on building a good healer out of Fin when I hit level 40, but first I want to get him set for soloing and grinding.

Lassiter - My "if I knew then what I know now" Orc Hunter will be next. When I last played him he had just earned his Defiler Boots and Belt as well as his Outrider Bow.

Tan and his owl are resting it up in the Ghostlands. Something about Tan is saying "spec me survivalist." Its the only hunter spec I haven't played yet, and since Tan is on a PvP world it might be fun to try.

My new overall WoW goal is to have a Healer, a Tank, and a Ranged Attack class ready to roll into the new expansion. I should have plenty of time before then; we'll see what happens.

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