Monday, February 4, 2008

On the road again....

This morning I decided I would start back up with Lassiter, originally my practice lowbie hunter, now he is a full on alt. I started Lass up as a way to practice PvP skills when I came into the realization of just how big a hack of a hunter I was. He is also how I experience the horde-side game content.

He spent enough time in the level 19 bracket of Warsong Gulch to earn all of the PvP gear that a hunter would want, then screamed up to level 29. He has his boots and belt from Arathi Basin, and had just earned his [Outrider Bow].

This is where I started to enjoy my Druid Finegas. Fin is also now in the Level 29 PvP bracket and is working on his [Lorekeeper's Staff].

What caused me to pull Lass out early was the realization that I was simply running out of cash. I have a habit of searching the Action House for equipment upgrades and consumables. This has slowly been draining my bank roll in spite of my efforts with using Auctioneer and Bottomscanner to make extra gold.

So, as my prime gatherer Lass is back on the leveling trail. We headed out to Thousand Needles and began running quests. It took barely 2 hours to go from 29 to 31. In that time my boar Patches leveled from 27 to 30, and I broke Shepard (formerly Humar the Pridelord) out of the stables so we can go get him Dash and Prowl tomorrow evening.

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Shane Sebastian said...

I think you should roll Horde on my server (Aerie Peak) so we can play together again !
Chaaron will turn 43 this evening, Lion Montecore is 40 with Pyros (the dragonhawk) not far behind.
I dropped growl from Monte's talents and gave him DASH instead. He can outrun my druid husband Kobay.
In other news, my 70 picked up the Emberhawk Crossbow bow in an instance cuz no one expects a rogue to use a crossbow ;) AND, it looks bad as hell!
Have a great week-end!
Miss you,