Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moving Down Under!

Footloose and Fancy Free
Once again I am running solo and un-guilded. I left The City Watch shortly after that last post on what were, I hope, amicable terms. I have no issues with any guild members, the officers are all great people, and the guild is working hard to put together a second Kara group.

Kudos Guys, best of luck to you. For those in the guild that are readers feel free to add me to your friends list, and I'll pop by to say hello on the public part of TCW's website now and again.
Anyone on Echo Isles that is looking for a large casual guild that also is experiencing end-game content there is no better than The City Watch. They also provide a good home for server transfers; if you are headed to E.I. I'd add Verbina to your friends list and chat with her when you arrive.

So you are probably asking, "Yeah if it was so great how come you left then buck-o?" aren't ya?

Well Bunkie, I have a slightly odd timing problem. You see I live in the Pacific time zone, the server is in the Pacific time zone, but it seems that most people playing on it are in the Midwest or Eastern time zones.

In addition to that, by the time I get off work and am ready to play it is 9:30 pm server time, or 12:30 am on the East Coast. To add salt to the wound my only day off is Sunday, and I usually like to spend that day recharging. I don't have a lot of energy for raiding all day long left over from the week by the time Sunday rolls around.

So the short of it is I am not able to make the raid times for TCW, or for that matter, most of the guilds on my Server. In fact just finding people to do the daily dungeons is rough. Thus Vik's progression has come to screeching halt since I need Badges of Justice to get the next level of gear.

I was chatting with a friend at one point about the differnces between Everquest and WoW and during that conversation he mentioned that due to his late night schedule he had ended up playing a lot with folks from Australia.

That got me to thinking. Checking the time zones I see that 9:30 pm is 5:30pm for most Oceanic servers. Score!!! That's perfect for me. Raiding after work, and I like to grind in the mornings which is the deepest dead of night for them. Low competition for resources; Score again!

I then started up a lowbie hunter (go fig) on an Oceanic realm and played him up to 20 and I have to say it was nice to see people in the zones with me. Hurah!!!

So this morning I packed up my lowest lowbie Hazzmat, stocked him with all the gold he can take with him (1000g for a lvl31 character), twinked and enchanted his armor, and made the paid transfer on the wow web site.

I'll play Hazz on the new server for a while to get a feel for whether or not I can get into groups for Scarlet Monestary, watch the chat channels and do my best to meet some new people. And if Hazz is doing better on this new server I'll probablly bring my other alliance characters over to join him.

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