Friday, February 15, 2008

Survivalist Talent Spec

It has been decided! Tandani will be spec'd in the survival tree. Since he is now standing at level 17 I am planning on hitting a few Warsong Gulch battlegrounds to get started on those Marks of Honor.

Time to start planning T's spec. At 19 I will have a grand total of 10 talent points to spend, and I think this is how I will lay them out for his run at the level 19 bracket.

First I plan on putting a full 5 points into Lethal Shots which will increase my chance to get a critical shot with ranged weapons by 5%. That should combine nicely with Tandani's Troll racial ability of Bow Specialiation which will give us another 1%.

The second set of points will be spent in Humanoid Slaying which will boost my damage against humanoids by 3%, and give my critical strikes an additional 3%.

My final two points (which I still lack at level 17) shall be spent in the Hawkeye talent. That will increase my range by 4 yards which will put me on par with the casters at that level. The sooner I can start shooting, the sooner I can start getting critical strikes.

I also really enjoy suckering rogues into immolation traps. Thats good for keeping them from stealthing, and seeing them burst into flames usually gives me a good chuckle.

I am also eager to hone my new skills on my n52 Speedpad. In particular my movement skills. I have been working on controlling my movement with my mouse, now it is time to hit the battlegrounds and really get those skills burned into my muscle memory.

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Pike said...

Sounds quite similar to what I plan on doing with my troll hunter; 5 points in lethal shots, 3 points in Hawk Eye and 2 points in Humanoid Slaying.

Subject to change without notice though...