Thursday, February 14, 2008

All My Characters

Vik is the first WoW character I ever created. When WoW finally winds down he will be the last character I delete.

My all time favorite class in RP games was the Ranger from AD&D. The hunter class fits that, and my favorite race from Lord of the Rings was the elves.

Is it my fault I made all the same decisions as all the other newbies in World of Warcraft? Holy Crap!! 25% of the dang server is a NE Hunter.

As it turns out Hunter really is my favorite class in WoW, and I have been through thick and thin with Vik and his Frostsaber Huntress, Kaylee.

Playing Vik I have gone from huntard to fairly decent, and hopefully will continue to improve my hunter skills.

In the stable are my pets Kaylee, Malcolm, and River. Each named for a character from my favorite Sci-Fi show of all time; Firefly

Other Characters
My current Main:

Finegas is named for a character in the Finn Cumhail myths of ancient Ireland. He was Finn's teacher and in some recounts his father. I created Fin with the idea that I can use a hybrid to see the end game content. Druids are able to fill the roll of Tank or Healer and are usually in demand.

Darn it if the druid didn't take over. He is now my main and the Guild Leader of firefly on Echo Isles. I am leveling tank, but would like to have him heal in the endgame content.

Lassiter was once my lowbie practice hunter. Named for one of the episodes of the show Firefly he has grown up pretty quick.

Really fast actually between me knowing how to play the class better and the leveling changes. Lass will be my DPS character for the horde side.

These next two...well who knows what will happen here?

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