Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hats off indoors please

I got the new Belkin n52te about 2 weeks ago. Prior to that I had been playing with the original n52, and had grown to prefer that over using a full keyboard.

I have to say that the with the new Speedpad Belkin improved the button feedback (as a Mac user I loooove those smooth feeling buttons), the scroll wheel is much smoother to use, the blue back lighting is just ever so sexy, and the "circle" thumb button depresses easily now.

The only issue I have had with the n52te is moving via the "joystick". The thumb-pad controller had the addition of a "Top Hat" that turned it into a kind of mini joystick. I tried working with the joystick for about a week and a half and was getting quite frustrated because it was very sensitive. I just couldn't move well.

The joystick is advertised as removable, and sure enough you can pull the top hat off. It kind of feels like it will break when you do, but never fear it is actually designed to come off. With the Hat removed you are left with a regular thumbpad controller like on the old model.

I then reset my movement controls back to my old n52 set up and it works like a dream now.

I haven't tried creating a second profile yet, but my Druid Finegas is closing on the point where I will be switching between Tank and Healer. I will post when I have tried this. In the mean time here is my movement set up on the n52te:

On the Thumb-pad (formerly the Joystick):
D-pad up = Left Arrow Key
D-pad Forward = Auto Run
D-pad Down = Right Arrow Key
D-pad Backwards = Down Arrow Key
D-pad Backwards Down = Default
D-pad Backwards Up =Default
On the Keypad:
Key 03 = W

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