Friday, May 16, 2008

3k and Climbing

I have finally buckled down and have been working steadily on getting Vik his epic flying mount. To get there I have been doing the dailies out on the Isle of Quel'Danas each morning, which takes me about 45 min. and 2 cups of coffee.

Then in the evening if I have time I run all the other Shattered Sun dailies in addition to the old Skyguard quests. And twice a week I have been scanning the AH with my Auctioneer add-on and purchasing all the items I can for disenchanting. When all those mats sell I'll usually end up with another 200g.

My bank roll for the first time ever is climbing steadily and I hope to have my epic flyer by the end of next week.

Here is my pattern for anyone interested.

First things first, I grab my BRK Mug (sometimes its my English Tart Mug), fix my coffee (2 spoonfuls of Sugar in the Raw and some Half & Half) and fire up Ye Ole iMac.

I will start my run at the mailbox on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

From here I will cross the plaza to the Sun's Reach Sanctum and pick up:
The Battle Must Go On, The Air Strikes Must Continue &Know Your Ley Lines.

Next I head North the the Armory and pick up these three quests:
Intercept the Reinforcements, Crush the Dawnblade & Don't Stop Now....

Further North on a boat in the harbor I pick up:
Disrupt the Greengill Coast and then head east to the Greengill Coast.

I follow the coastline to the Naga Shrine and take my reading there. On the way I kill the Nagas I need to complete
Don't Stop Now.... & Disrupt the Greengill Coast.

Once done there I turn both those quests in pick up
Ata'mal Armaments for later.

I then head to Dawning Square and complete The Battle Must Go On and take my crystal reading at the portal.

Next I head under the bridge and fight my way into Dawnstar Village to get my final crystal reading for Know Your Ley Lines. Dawnstar Summoners are everywhere it seems so I will concentrate on killing Archers and Blood Knights.

After my readings are taken its off to the Staging Area to pick up Further Conversions & Arm the Wards!

Once I have these I like to run up the Western edge of Dawnstar Village and kill all the Dawnstar Blood Knights, Summoners, & Archers I still need. While doing that I will also be hunting Wretched Fiends, Wretched Devourers, & Arcane Sentries for the last two quests I picked up.

When all those quests are finished I'll mount up and ride to the Flight Masters at the harbor.

First I will fly out to the boats to complete Intercept the Reinforcements, & and once returning from that I finish off the run with The Air Strikes Must Continue. On a good day I will finish off all the demons on the first half of the flight, and will be in the kitchen grabbing my coffee refill while coasting through the rest of the flight.

Turn everything in, make bandages out of all the Netherweave Cloth that dropped, sell those and all the other junk to the Inn Keeper, and mail any armor drops off to Kallessin to be disenchanted.

Then click on my newly acquired [Darnarian's Scroll of Teleportation] to warp back to Shatt City and pick up the Outlands Dailies for the evening.

Next comes laundry and the Daily Show.

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