Thursday, June 26, 2008

Consumables for Beast Master Hunters

Or: What? We were supposed to bring snacks?

Now that I have finished off my list of in game Achievements for Viktel I have been concentrating on gathering up a stockpile of materials that I am expected to have during instances and raids. These are the items that give you just a little more oomph in those long boss fights.

Here is a list of what I am pu
tting together for myself and a little about why I picked them. I am also going to include the materials needed to create the buff items just in case you are lucky enough to know an alchemist that is willing to make them for you. Typically I will send over enough materials to make 4 full stacks, and include a tip equal to one daily quest (11g). Don't forget to send vials along with the other materials to show you appreciate their work.

Phases of the hunt.
As a hunter my primary concern is that I don't run out of mana to use for my specialty shots. I could just run with Aspect of the Viper on all the time but that will put a big dent in the amount of DPS I can generate. I like to divide my fights into two phases, MQoSRDPS and mana regeneration.

Just a quickie note, I learned this technique from Big Red Kitty and you can view a most excellent BRK training video on the subject by clicking here. It does take some practice so I highly recommend a look-see.

A note about Elixirs.
There are two types, battle elixirs and guardian elixirs. We are allowed to have one of each running at any given time. If you happen to take a second battle or guardian elixir of another kind the effects will not stack. Elixirs are canceled and will need to be replaced if you die.

Items for DPS Phase.
For the Beastmaster Hunter Agility and Crits are king. Agi affects everything we do, and helps our pets do their job. Critical Strikes activate our Kill Command ability which we like to have available each time its cool down is over. To help increase both of those I like to use the following two consumables.

Elixir of Major Agility
Battle Elixir - Made by Alchemists
Increases your Agility by 35 and your critical strike rating by 20 for one hour.
Ingredients for a stack of 20: 20 Terocone, 40 Felweed, 20 Imbued Vials.

Warp Burgers
Food - Requires a cooking level of 325 to make.
Restores 7500 health for 30 sec. Spend 10 sec eating for well fed buff of 20 agility and spirit for 30 min.
Ingredients for a stack of 20: 20 Warped Flesh.

Mana Regeneration
Throughout our fights we hunters use mana for our specialty shots. The following two consumables will give us back a portion of mana each 5 seconds that pass. Thus the term MP/5. I like to use the following because they stack well with Aspect of the Viper which we use in our Mana Regeneration phase.

Elixir of Major Mageblood
Guardian Elixer - Made by Alchemists
Regenerates 16 mana per 5 sec. for one hour
Ingredients for a stack of 20: 20 Anchient Lichen, 20 Netherbloom, 20 Imbued Vials.

Superior Mana Oil
Apply this to your melee weapon. Made by Enchanters.
While applied to target weapon restores 14 mana to the caster every 5 sec. One hour.
These come as a single item that has 5 charges.
Ingredients for one: 3 Arcane Dust, 1 Netherbloom, 1 Imbued Vial.

Fel Mana Potions
One time usage - Made by Alchemists
Restores 3200 mana over 24 sec. Reduces spell damage by 25 and healing by 50 for 15 min.
Comes in stacks of 5. Ingredients for a total of 20: 20 Mana Thistle, 40 Nightmare Vine, 20 Imbued Vials.

The Mana Regeneration Phase.
I like to enter the MRP when I hit about 40% mana.
Here are the steps for the mana regen phase:
  1. Activate Aspect of the Viper to begin regenerating mana.
  2. Activate Rapid Fire to speed up your auto shots & help retain as much DPS as possible.
  3. Drink your Fel Mana Potion, which gives you 3200 mana over 24 seconds.
  4. When 24 seconds have passed activate Aspect of the Hawk and ramp up the MQoSRDPS.
Note: Vik is also a Leatherworker so I will activate Drums of Restoration as well if the cooldowns allow it. I figure if you can take a little pressure off the healers thats a good thing right?

OK So How About Our Pets?
Good new there! As it turns out as of the release of TBC our pets get to enjoy a food buff too.

There are two foodstuffs for our pets. Both available on the AH if you can't cook them yourself.

First is a nice buff to increase your pets health if you are using Fido in a tanking role:

Sporeling Snack
Increases the Stamina and Spirit of your pet by 20. Lasts for 30 min.

The second is a nice little DPS buff, and it will also help Growl work if you are grinding.

Kibler's Bits
Increases the Strength and Spirit of your pet by 20. Lasts for 30 min.

There you have it folks, a picnic for the ages.
I hope a few of y'all find this useful.

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