Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This should be signed 'Miss Jenn'?

You have way to much time your hands DEAR SIR, you need to learn to have more respect for people, and not think so highly of yourself that you really had to tell the world, you most be bored and lonely. I fell sorry for you. There's always another side, but were to busy helping customers..

Yours dearly

LAS VEGAS, NV. 89117
OFFICE (702) 478-8437

This little gem was waiting for me in my email in-box when I arrived to work.

I believe the 'other side' to be that NPS gave me another number to call.

I called it, and left a message.

My call was returned within 30 min, I gave him all the necessary information regarding the pump and filter units. I was signed up with an appointment for Friday between 9 and 10 am.

The entire process took 5 minutes.

Miss J I am sure you are a wonderful person, you seemed nice enough when I first called you yesterday. I am also certain you and your company are fine pool people and deserve all the work you can muster from around Las Vegas.

However, you will not be working on my pool anytime soon; or ever for that matter. I am also quite comfortable with the idea that my friends and family will be spared the frustrations I encountered attempting to use your services.

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