Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Patriot Pool Service Las Vegas Nevada

Patriot Pool Service Las Vegas Nevada.

Absolutely terrible service.

I put that at the top of the blog there so that search engines will pick it up.

Yesterday I purchased a new pool pump from NPS. The new Intelliflow that gets you a nice rebate from Nevada Power.

My in-store experience was just fine. The store owner was friendly and helpful, I filled out the necessary paperwork, paid up, and brought home the pump.

I was referred to Patriot Pool Service and given a business card, which advertises free estimates (the estimate cost me 65 bucks), acid washes, and weekly service and repairs.

Here is how my experience went.

It all started friendly enough, I reached a lady named Jennifer and we chatted about my referral and how the pump was a quality pump.

A half hour later this lady had talked me and some poor technician into circles trying to figure out a price and a time for the job. From what I could hear of the radio conversation the technician was just as aggrivated as I was.

In the end I had to pretty much flat out demand a tech come by my house for a service call; charge = 65$. (so much for free estimates). Next I had to push the issue to get Jeniffer to schedule a time frame. The conversation ended with a scheduled time of between 8 & 9 a.m.


So, 8:30 ish I hear a doorbell ring and a tech. is standing on my doorstep. We head around back I show him the breaker panel and the pool controls.

The first thing he tells me is that I'll the pump is over sized for the filter I have. No problem, its a variable speed pump I'll run it at the equivalent of 2 hp which is the size I currently run.

The tech says he can still install the pump, and does a good job of explain how filter is old and needs to be replaced.

Not a problem, its the original and I am not surprised. Do a good job for me here and I'll have y'all install a new one after a month or so and I have the cash saved up.

So after a bit more conversation the tech tells me ball park figure is $250.00 for installation which my service fee will count towards. I say lets do it.

The tech now Walks off the property - NO WRITTEN ESTIMATE - is left for me.

Now at this point I am assuming the guy is coming back to do the job. Maybe this is just bad communication on my part, or maybe this is how they just do business.

2 hours pass with no word from the Service Guy, or Jennifer.

I finally call and Miss Jennifer tells me she hasn't worked anything out yet so I should wait for her to call me back.

12:00 ish and I get word from Miss Jennifer still hasn't figured things out price wise but she can have a guy back at my house around 4 p.m.

"I will be at work," I say. "Oh no problem, you don't have to be there if you don't mind", she replies.

Let's see, having total strangers walking around on my property, with easy access to my neighbor's property while all of us are off at work.

Yes, I have a problem with that.

Can we do it tomorrow morning?

Here is the proverbial straw folks, she replies "I don't know, I haven't gotten that far yet."

Holy Crap lady, you don't have a calendar in front of you?

Now Head Electrician Matt is out in full force; we haven't seen him in a few years but he is well and good apparently.

"Ok Jennifer, tell you what. I am going to give you until 1:00 pm to work that out. At 1:00 pm I will start calling your competitors for estimates. If you want this job you will have this taken care of by then. Do you understand?"

Phone rings 15 min later.

"Ok I can have my guy out there in about 25 min. Would you like the pricing?"

"Yes", I reply.

To which she quotes me a price slightly over $300.00.

AHHHHH now I understand why I wasn't given anything to sign, or any kind of written quote.

Of course I call her on it, and she has no idea how he could have possibly quoted that since the parts..blah, blah, blah... and the labor..blah, blah, blah.

I tell her this whole thing has been pretty ridiculous.

"Oh, we are done!", she states and hangs up on me.

Well, she was almost correct in that.

The first thing I did was call NPS and explain the whole thing to the manager there. He thanked me for telling him and assured me he would not be recommending them to anyone in the future.

The second thing was to stop payment on the check for the service call. Thats a $29 dollar fee, which is better than $65 I imagine.

And the third thing will be to post it on all my blogs so it will be first on the search engines should anyone do a google for their site.

...and I imagine I should shoot off a quickie email to their company manager. Miss Jennifer will probably intercept it, so /wave everyone.

Anyhoo: Patriot Pool Service in Las Vegas Nevada.

Absolutely Terrible Service.


jschm55429 said...

If you haven't already do so, you should post a complaint with the BBB. I had just looked at their web site for Patriot Poolsand there were no complaints.

total12 said...

I reached a lady named Jennifer and we chatted about my referral and how the pump was a quality pump.pool maintenance nj

Hannan Aslam said...

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