Monday, June 9, 2008

Hulk Smash!!!!

I had a serious laps of judgment yesterday.

I brought home a new member of the family...

A spanking new bouncing X-Box 360 pro and her two little friends, The Hulk and Gears of War.

Mwahahahahaha!!!! Hulk is coooool man! Its a smash-fest!!!!

Holy crap!!! I had forgotten how cathartic it is to just mindlessly wreck a city and blow shit up in a video game. The same goes for Gears of War, its my first first person shooter since I played some sci-fi spin off on my old N64.

Yeah you heard right, I haven't gotten a new gaming console since my N64. I think it still has DK64 in it.

Im a geek's nerd, I know.

I also find it interesting that after playing the X-Box you are a little motivated to go get things done, unlike the WoW habit where you just fall into a mindless never ending grind until your head meets the keyboard.

I actually got in a couple hours yardwork as the sun went down yesterday. Weeds gone, unwanted grass sprayed with weed/grass killer, and the palms trimmed. Its looking nice again.

Someone is stealing my bricks though...can you figure that one out? Probably some kids messing around as I am only missing three. Thats just kind of odd...I suppose I am glad they didn't end up in the pool or something.

And now its off to Garden Treasures dot com to see about a new canopy for my Gazeebo.


Edit: The new My Extra Life Podcast is out. This one has an interview with Tod McFarlane in it. He did some amazing work with Spiderman, founded Image comics, and published Spawn. I am looking forward to this one.

Edit 2: I now see that Twisted Nether has a new blogcast downloading in my iTunes as well.

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