Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sunny Side Up

Computer Update
It has now been a week and a half since I took the iMac in for repairs. It turns out I have a faulty DVD drive; whether or not that is the culprit for the overheating issues that are occurring is still up in the air. Though that certainly could be a large factor, if not the problem altogether.

Now we are just waiting for the drive to arrive. Last report stated that the drive was sitting in Sacramento, I can only hope that it arrived on Friday and possibly Monday I will be back to normal.

In the mean time my old Ti-book G4 has been doing a fairly good job of running the game even though it doesn't quite meet the minimum requirements. When I have all the effects and such cranked down as far as it goes I will be able to play at around 11 frames per second, with the record being around 18 fps.

Not a premium rig by any means but it is keeping me going.

Alt Updates
Finegas is now 98% of the way to level 52 with a full tank of rested XP. That officially makes him my highest alt. I am highly enjoying my Druid and look forward to beginning his tanking career.

I have recently reconfigured my SpeedPad and will blog on that later when I get my main rig back.

The Netherwing Report
As for Vik, he is now Honored with the Netherwing and 50% of the way to Revered. So far the daily quests are fun. The mines at Netherwing Ledge are an awesome Hunter training ground. The mobs are all fairly closely packed with fairly fast respawn times, keeping me on my toes the whole run.

And wouldn't you know it, I have found a total of 13 Netherdrake Eggs thus far. I'm not sure if the drop rates have been altered but I seem to be having some good luck in that department. Each egg nets you 250 rep, and they can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend getting to Exaulted.

My last two I got yesterday. About halfway through killing the Flayers for my skinning daily I saw an egg just steaming away in all its gushy blue glory. Naturally I got greedy and ended up wiping right next to the egg....


If you die on Netherwing Ledge you automatically rez at the spirit healer near the Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley. No way the egg would still be there right? Dagnabbit!!!

Still, I had to go look.

I was a model of Hunter efficiency! First I blew past all the cargo I needed for the Mistress of the Mines' quest Picking up the Peices. I could come back for that later.

Entering the caverns where the egg was I dropped a trap stood on it and pulled the mobs one at a time and let Malcolm tear 'em up. Once my trap cool-down expired I would move into range of the next group of Flayers and Ravagers, drop a trap and burn them down too.

Not bothering to loot anything I moved forward along the southern wall in this manner until I saw the egg. No one else had been through the room!!!

Carefully and as quick as possible I got next to the prize, burned down the last mob and collected the egg.

Wouldn't you know it, I looted a second one from the mobs I had burned down on my way in. I guess that wipe was a good thing in the long run after all.

Firefly Stuff
It has been fairly quiet on the home front guild wise. It seems those with level 70s got bit by the End Game bug. I presume things will pick up again soon.

The troubles that were brought to my attention seem to be pretty much unfounded. I sent an in game mail to the person making the accusations and added them to the friends list. So far they haven't responded to my attempt to contact them.

The guild member in question was pretty cool about me asking what happened so I am further inclined to support my guildie. I am glad that turned out ok. I hate when some a$ hat decides to pick on my guys. Some people just gotta stir the pot I guess.

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