Monday, June 2, 2008

Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?

Whats new
We have a whole string of new podcasts!
WoWCast, The Instance, Extra Life Radio, Twisted Nether and Analog Hole Gaming all turned up with new casts when I started up iTunes this morning.
Thats like a whole week of stuff to listen to while gaming this week. Don't forget with the iMac in the shop I might be a bit behind on this.

Over on Big Bear Butt Blogger I found this MP3 called Pugging Kara Blues. OMFG way to funny, especially if you are a Cash fan!

Bring out your Dead
On the downside my iMac will be in the shop until Wed at the very least. My confidence isn't soaring but the machine is under warranty so hopefully I can sweet talk the tech-guy into swapping components until we nail the issue.


I'm not totally dead yet though. I have put WoW on my old Ti-book G4 and am able to play WoW at a blistering 8 fps. Holy Crap am I a junkie or what?

Firefly Stuff
Got some suckie guild leader info about two new recruits last night. Some unconfirmed ninja-looting and disrespecting of other WoW players happening. I am in the process of getting all the different sides of the story put together.
/smack heads together.

I wanted the recruitment phase of the new Firefly to be a loose and fun thing, but I think we may need to tighten the requirements up a bit starting with making an application on the website a requirement for being a full member. I knew it was coming, but I still had hopes....

And... Fin is 51 on the shores of Farales zapping giants.
I really like Farales; lots of good memories there. That was the last area that my first group of people to play with got to spend mass amounts of time together. It is also where the original Firefly was formed.
Those were good times, the old Firefly had 5 really good months, and 1 really bad one. I'll try to take the 5 forward with me and learn from the mistakes....

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